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  • Website: www.eldarune.com

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Tides of Existence is a story-driven single-player open world action RPG game. The development process is started by a single person, Tarık Ziya Yalçın in 2017. During the development process, Unity Engine is used as the game engine and C# as the programming language. 


Tides of Existence is an action game in medieval setup. The player can use weapons, skills, dragons and warships to defeat enemies and all kinds of creatures. As the player proceeds through the story, new challenges have to be handled and many mysteries have to be illuminated.



  • Game Design: Tides of Existence gives the player many options to defeat the enemy. Swords, crossbows, energy shield, hook, and dragons can be used to defeat enemies. 


  • Visuals: Tides of Existence uses all power that Unity Engine offers to developers. While achieving this, performance is kept in a high level so that it can run in many old devices.


  • Rich Gameplay Mechanics:  Thanks to various mechanics, players will have the maximum joy. The player can use swords to cut enemies in half, crossbows to pin enemies down, call a dragon to burn them all. Moreover, players can sail to wreck enemy ships using powerful arbalets installed to the deck, control a dragon to destroy a huge fleet or hunt down other dragons on air. 


  • Story: Tides of Existence’s mysterious medieval - science fiction story is being written by Tarık Ziya Yalçın. During the game, many questions will be answered and many more is asked to be answered in the future.

Tides of Existence Will:

  • Give players an excellent third-person action experience using its well-designed game mechanics. 

  • Be one of the most visually stunning Unity game ever created.

  • Be playable on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

  • Establish an open ended story that has strong potential to have a sequel.

  • Provide easy controls but challenging gameplay.

  • Tell an amazing story that combines medieval, fantasy and science fiction genres.

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