Tides of Existence is an action game in medieval setup. The player can use weapons, skills, dragons, and warships to defeat enemies and all kinds of creatures. As the player proceeds through the story, new challenges have to be handled and many mysteries have to be illuminated.





Have you ever told your self? I have brilliant ideas, memories, stories, compositions or jokes... We know you have and want to add them to our game. And you know what? We also want your 3d character to tell it or sings it to our players.

Send your photos, we will model your face, prepare your quests, tell your stories, your jokes, your unforgettable memories. If you can, do your voiceover too... Why not? Let all hear it. 

If you don't want to join, but you are still interested in what others sent? Follow our community. Support your favorite participants. 

Your stories can be sad, hilarious, or mind-blowing. It can be a love story or a story about death. Well, this is an RPG.  As long as it is not harmful we welcome every idea. 

How to participate?

If you want to be a character just send us your photos, we will model your face and create your character. Write a background story. (Your story must be in medieval time limits, we don't want to add a starship commander to the game ...)

Contact us we will send the details.

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Game Play

Naval Battles



 In the archipelago world of Elymnias, there are three sentient races; Humans, Rabaulans and Theians (Old ones). A big portion of the human population is living under the rule of the Empire. There are other several independent human factions including Mantusians, Lethos, and Nomads. Rabaulans are living in remote islands as small tribes, they are pacifist and peaceful humanoids. Interestingly (Despite to human nature) respected by the human race. In many epidemics, they helped humankind without expectations.


Rabaulans are quite human-like creatures in appearance, besides their iridescent skin color “due to symbiosis organisms” and gigantic size. But in nature, they are far more developed and civilized as a sentient life form. They have higher mental capacity than humans and even the old ones but they don't prefer to create machinery or cities after their willingly collapsed civilization. Theians (Old ones) is known as an extinct race for humans and Rabaulans.


Theians (Old ones) brought humans to Planet Elymnias as a workforce and genetically modified them to make them adapt to Elymnias. Theians (Old ones) never created artificial intelligence due to their religious past based on a prophecy about their extinction. They modified themselves biologically to handle problems. When they become a tier 2 civilization ( Reference :The Kardashev Scale ) they met with Rabaulans and they tried to understand and benefit their biological superiority for their own. It was the only way to be a Tier 3 Civilization without using Artificial Intelligence. They started a big scale experiment on planet Elymnias. After spending a few centuries in Elymnias Old ones find a way to mutate themselves biologically equivalent to Rabaulans. But their Theian life span was hiding their mistakes. When they learned in two generations newborn Theians will bear with a deadly genetic disease it was already late. Survivors decided to create an organic-based artificial intelligence to solve the problem and collectively hibernated. After the creation of Artificial Intelligence, these ingenious living machines started to mutate living beings in different islands to solve the disease of their creators. Time to time these mutated creatures were infecting a whole island and devouring other races, which was a serious waste of time for Machines. It was harder to destroy a well-developed mutation for Machines than creating a new one. Machines used humans as pest control units. With the indirect order of Machines, Empire assembled Justiciar troops inside the army. They were elite specialists raised for killing mutants, and their missions were secret. Machines didn't arm humans with any higher technology because they knew without Theians humans were always a threat to the experiment. When Theians (Old Ones) were in charge, Humans were used as interplanar captains, space miners, even as scientists. After a hibernation of Old ones, they stuck into a never-ending medieval era by the order of the Empire which was indirectly controlled by Machines. Justiciars killed any mutant which is not needed for Machines anymore, to open more free space for the newcomers. In the end machines found a way to heal old ones and they started a plan which will be catastrophic for any living creature on Elymnias with the help of the Justiciars.

But Rabaulans learned the plan of machines, these pacifist looking primal tribes, started to forge unspoken weapons of destruction in a blink of an eye. It was the meaning of being a Rabaulan no need to fight, no need to build, no need to discover, no need to show how gifted you are until it is really needed. Their hive minds were connected, they had the knowledge of all Rabaulans lived in the past. They united their intelligence as one to design weapons they have never imagined before.

They have cleansed infected minds by the machines in the Empire. Organized a secret organization called immortals among the humans, they armed them with their mighty weapons. (Which will later turn into an evil faction called Mantusians ). They fought against the remaining Machines and their twisted creations. Machines were stopped. In the end, Rabaulans pacified themselves again.

Our story begins decades after these happenings.