What Is Eldarune?

Eldarune is an action game in medieval setup.
The player can use weapons, skills, ride dragons, and warships to defeat enemies and all kinds of creatures.
As the player proceeds through the story, new challenges have to be handled and many mysteries have to be illuminated.


Eldarune based on a Sci-fi/Fantasy novel belongs to Digard. The sci-fi sides of the story will not be told to the player directly, and let the player discover some artifacts which will consist of information about the main story behind it.

But it will be told like a mythical story. The intuitional players will think it might be sci-fi, but it will never be told directly. It is a logical foundation for deeper understanding and creating coherent artwork, stories, quests, geography, etc. )This brief story is for understanding the key characters and factions.

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Game Modes

Eldarune has four different game modes
every game mode has different game play and reward system

Maın Character

Name: Alec

Use Cases: Single Player and Special Events

Players need to purchase Alec NFTs to play the game.

Token Utilities

Arena Tickets
Chest Keys
Guild Creation
NFTs (Items, Cosmetics etc)
Item Upgrades (+2 to +3 etc.)
Item Crafting (Rare to Epic etc.)
Champıon Upgrades
Skill Upgrades (Tomes)

Through Flexible Staking :
- In-game Experience Boost
- NFT Item Drop Rate Increase

Through Locked Staking:
- New Season Item NFT Drops
Social Reward System
ELDA Drops through;
- Quests
- Boss Rewards
- Arena Fights
- Naval Fights
- Aerial Fights
- Dungeon Rewards
- Tournaments
- Events