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World of Elymnıas

hOW TO jOıN?
In the beginning, Heroes of Eldarune will be able to playable with its most basic mechanics. Eldarune Community and Eldarune dao mechanısm will determine the game's improvements.

HoE focuses on both skill and luck at the same time to increase the joy of the game.To play HoE players

need to have Alec NFT which is free but players need to hold 750 ELDA Tokens to claim Alec NFT for free.HoE will be available to play at specific hours of the day.To Play HoE,

players need to own at least 10 Eldarune Champions.
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WoE is an AI-Powered medieval RPG based on a storyline with 4K graphics, PvP, and PVE modes.

While playing Eldarune you will travel 21 islands, fight in the hundreds of dungeons, and defeat the strongest monsters in the Elymnias world with your clan or alone.

Woe has four different game modes; every mode offers a different gameplay experience with various game mechanics. To be successful, for every game mode, players and clans need to develop different strategies in battle.
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Champıons are nobel fıghters of eldarune
dıfferent levels, genres and rarıtıes


Oathstones are secret ARTIfAcTS of Eldarune.
use ıt to generate champıons and ıtems


make your champıons stronger.
upgrade your ıtems & get stronger
Players will learn the basics of the game by playing Eldarune: WoE Campaign Mode, and also they will learn the lore and experience the fundamentals of the game.

Which we believe necessary to fully enjoy other modes.

The main Character of Campaign Mode is Alec.

In the Campaign Mode, Alec will be creating a strong army to fight against injustice.
Players can play Dungeons to farm items on their own or as a team such as a co-op.

Farming dungeons will help players to get better gear.

After clearing a Dungeon, a more difficult one will be unlocked.

You can play the same dungeon over and over again or move to a harder one.

Harder the dungeon, better items will drop.
This mode focuses on playing as a Clan.

Clans need to fight against an overwhelming enemy together.

Each clan member will be rewarded with items if they are able to defeat the boss.

In addition to this, every clan member needs to hit a certain amount of damage to get rewards.
This is where players can fight against each other in many different styles.

Players can fight 1v1 up to 5v5, 5v5v5, and more. Depending on the number, it can be a small battle or a death match.

There are different types of PvP arenas, they are not only limited to man-to-man combat, but players can also ride dragons for aerial battles or sail battleships for naval fights.


Eldarune offers
a unique and personalized gaming experience that is revolutionized by AI integration by adapting players' play styles and behavior.

Eldarune creates a dynamic, ever-changing gaming world that keeps players engaged and entertained.

Defeat Your opponent!

Level Up Your Champions
Upgrade your NFT Items
Grind and Become More Powerful

Token utılıtıes

NFT Rent
Item Crafting
Arena Tickets
Competition Access
Purchase NFTs

Staking and Farming
In-Game Collectibles
In-Game Boost
Token Burns
Skill and Item Upgrade


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World Of Elymnıas
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